Medication Compliance? There’s an App for That

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Guest Blog: Joshua C. Vogt, M.D., Rochester, MN

Ever have trouble remembering to take your medications? Even with a single daily pill, it’s easy to miss a dose here and there each month. Now imagine taking ten medications, some twice a day, some with food, some without. This is the situation many of my patients find themselves in, and it is understandably overwhelming.

There are many devices to help patients remember to take their medications, from electronic pillboxes and vibrating pill timers to automatic dispensers and reminder watches. MediSafe Project, an application recently reviewed by the drug-management journal Formulary, leverages a device that many patients already have: the smartphone. This self-described “pillbox application” combines reminder notification function with medication barcode verification and a built-in caregiver or family alert for any missed doses.

Here’s how it works: the name of the medication is entered into the smartphone and then the smartphone’s…

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