How CPT Code Becomes a Code

The Mobile Physician

CPT codes for 2013Current Procedural Terminology(CPT) codes are a set of uniformed medical codes that describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic services.   CPT codes are the most accepted medical nomenclature used to report medical procedures and claims and are used by physicians, healthcare providers, patients, and third parties to communicate nationwide. CPT codes are used by providers when billing patients. Not many people know how CPT codes became the industry standard that they are today.

History of CPT Codes

The American Medical Association (AMA) created and published the first CPT code set in 1966. The original edition established standard terms and descriptions for medical procedures.  The second edition of the CPT code list, published in 1970, “expanded [the] system of terms and codes to designate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in surgery, medicine, and the specialties.”  The second edition changed CPT from a 4 digit code to a 5 digit code and listed…

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