Doximity, A LinkedIn For Medical Professionals, Now Reaches About 30% Of Doctors In The U.S.


Doximity, which is like a LinkedIn for physicians that lets them share patient data in a HIPAA-compliant way, said that it’s now reaching about 30 percent of doctors in the country. They’ve got about 200,000 licensed physicians on-board across the U.S. in every major city and sub-specialty.

Two hundred thousand users isn’t a grand number in the scheme of most apps. But in the case of a highly-specialized vertical like medicine, it is.

“It took LinkedIn many times longer to reach that level of penetration in the white-collar workforce and Doximity has accomplished this in about three years,” said Kevin Spain, a general partner at Emergence Capital Partners who backed the company.

The CEO Jeff Tangney is a second-time founder whose previous medical software company Epocrates went for an IPO in 2011.

He founded Doximity a few years ago as a way to attack how doctors share medical…

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