Kapture will hold people accountable or replay a minute of your life


Much like Google(s goog) can settle a bar argument with the tap of a finger, a device launching on Kickstarter might stop fights over miscommunications — well, if the fight is over something said within the last-minute. The Kapture bracelet launches next week on Kickstarter, and constantly records audio. With a tap of the finger on the device you can retrieve the last 60 seconds of sounds around you.

That might be your child’s first word or a convenient playback of your friend saying they’d get the fifth round of drinks. It’s a nifty idea even if I think it will take some user training to get used to tapping the device pretty much immediately after you hear something interesting. The Kickstarter price for the bracelet will be $99 for black or white, with a $26 premium for color. There’s apparently going to be a gold-plated version for $300 for your…

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