Forget hardware: winning in wearable computing requires software and services


Have you heard about the latest Google(s goog) Glass rival? It’s called the Telepathy One and the company behind it just raised $5 million in funding to produce a wearable display planned for a 2014 release. The device looks very futuristic yet perhaps a bit more fashionable than Glass and I’ve noticed a number of other “Glass rivals” pop up of late. But I’m not sold that any of them can rival Glass.

Glass Up

Let me preface that by saying I haven’t used Glass for more than five minutes at Google I/O this past May. Nor have I worn the Telepathy One, the Recon Jet, Glass Up (shown above) — currently trying to raise funds on Indiegogo —  or any other similar products that are either on the market or in the works. But there’s one thing that these potential rivals will likely never have and that’s the power of…

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